CFD-3 Auto filling and sealing machine

The main purposes

Performance characteristics

 1.   The machine is suitable for the filling and sealing of jelly,pudding,drink,juice,milk,bean products,rice wine, rice wine d rink,jam, Guiling jelly,pickles,thick broad-bean sauce, etc.
2.  This machine can fill and seal multi-cups at one time, high effectivity,accuracy,quickly.
3.   This machine adopts photoelectric tracking system to check and adjust the sealing film by checking the film mark.
4.   Pneumatic and electric combing in this machine to make productivity stability,quality reliable and hig h effectively,save energy,it is the pioneer machine in the fields.
5.  This machine's all components adopt international famous brand .and the machine can adopt PLC system according to your requirements.
6.  This machine can be made according to your requirements and your sample cup.

Technical parameters